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Error saving datasource: SourceTypes (arn, custom, df, gs, itp, jdbc, json, odbc, ws, xml, excel, saperp, sapbw, olap, essbase, sapbwbapi, salesforce) are limited to 0 but 1 are found

Hello denodo developers, while creating a jdbc data source I came across this error. I can test the connection successfully but when I want to save it this error pops up. I am using the SOL license.

2 Answers

Hi, this problem accurs when the license is restricting you for adding a datasource. I suggest you contact denodo for providing you with a new license
07-09-2021 04:46:19 -0400
Hi, Yes, usually this error will arise when the Denodo VDP server is using an Express license due to the limitations of the Express license. Or the error can also arise from trying to create a data source using the Solution Manager VDP server on port 19999 (by default) in the Web Design Studio or through the VDP Admin tool. To avoid this issue in the case of the Solution Manager VDP server, I will need to use the VDP server of Denodo Platform which runs on port 9999 by default to create datasources, views etc.. In addition, if I have been using the Express license and I do not restart the VDP server after installing an Evaluation license this error will also arise. So in the situation of changing licenses, I should be able to resolve this issue by restarting the server. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
08-09-2021 15:03:03 -0400
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