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Data Source creation in Denodo 7.0

Hi Team, I am getting error while saving the data source created for MYSQL using Denodo 7.0. I am able to connect with data source successfully. But when I am saving the data Source a window popup with ysntax error message saying "Syntax error: Unknown property name 'supportscomparisondifferenttypes'". I also try to disable the relevant configurstional properties, but no luck. Any way to solve this. Thanks in Advance.
18-11-2020 11:02:23 -0500

2 Answers

Hi, I was successfully able to create and replace the datasource over the mysql database. Also I was able to modify the Source Configuration for the property “Supports comparisons between different data” to any value and save the datasource successfully. I would recommend the following troubleshooting steps to identify the issue. 1. Check if the Virtual DataPort Server and Virtual Dataport Administration tool belongs to the same version. 1. Enable the logger to info for the vdp-request.log file by following the steps given in the [KB]( and find the query that is executed against the datasource when you are saving the datasource and execute the same query from the VQL shell and see if it is successful. 1. Try creating a new datasource without modifying the Source configuration properties. 1. Analyze vdp.log files for more information. Suppose, If you still need help and if you are a user with valid support access then you can raise a support case in [Denodo Support Site]( so that our support team can help you. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
19-11-2020 00:47:29 -0500
Thanks a lot. I was getting error as there was version mismatch between server and Admin Tool. Once updated the version the error gone. This answer was helpful.
25-11-2020 05:35:09 -0500
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