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defining interface

I am having to construct a new view to implement an existing interface. I am finding this difficult since the existing interface uses view columns both as input and outputs. Since many of these parameters are optional, I need to check whether these are passed with values. I have done other implementations where I have done as follows: interface ======= I_item1 I_item2 o_item1 implementing view ============== view1 parameter I_item1 default = '@default' I_item2 default = '@default' where clause ( I_item1 = '@default' or view1.item1=I_item1 ) and ( I_item2 = '@default' or view1.item2 = I_item2 ) How can I implement something like this when view columns are used directly as input parameters ?
21-10-2014 15:58:51 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, Please, read the section "Creating Interface Views" in the DataPort Administration Guide. When defining a view which implements an interface, the new view needs to comply the interface's signature. In the view, fields can be used as input or output, but it is not a problem if both schemas are similar. Regards
Denodo Team
24-10-2014 04:28:20 -0400
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