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SSL configuration in Denodo 8 (VDP and solution manager)

Hi Team, I am facing couple of issues while enabling SSL in my VDP and solution manager in Denodo 8 platform. Kindly help me with the answers at the earliest. 1. I updated all the configuration files as described in the link: with the existing jks file from Denodo 7 platform. It didnt work. I was getting an error saying "Cannot trust this server for SSL"Then I created a jks file using the step given in **But this time it worked** As per our org policy we need to use jks file provided by organization.So what would be the issue with the existing jks file from Denodo 7? 2. I have enabled SSL in VDP server installation as described in and I **revoked the SSL from solution manager** . But this time I am able to access solution manager 8 from http port but cannot connect to VDP designer studio. It shows the error "Cannot connect, check for both client and server are in the same major version or check JMX port" . Tried copying the cacert from VDP server to solution manager server that also didnt work. How to overcome this issue? Kindly help me with the solution to overcome these issues as we are approaching deadline of Denodo migration. Bottomline, we need to enable SSL in both solution manager and VDP along with handshaking between solution manager and VDP should happen seamlessly.
06-08-2021 13:40:30 -0400

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Hi, With SSL, I typically can use the jks file of Denodo 7.0 for Denodo 8.0. There seems to be a similar question about the error “Cannot trust this server for SSL” in Community Q&A. Please check out the response the question [connection error.cannot trust in the server to establish a ssl connection when connecting to VDP admin tool after installing certs]( For the error connecting to the Design Studio, I would check to make sure SSL is configured for the Denodo Platform as described in the [Enable SSL/TLS in the Denodo Platform]( section of the Denodo Installation Guide. Removing SSL from the Solution Manager does not mean that it will be removed from the Denodo Platform and consequently from the Design Studio. If you have a valid support user account, please open a new support case at so that the support team can review these issues in detail. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
06-08-2021 18:19:20 -0400
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