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Denodo Solution manager roles

Hi Denodo experts, Scenario below: In the Denodo Dev and Stage environments we have a developer called db_1_admin who is an admin on a specific Denodo db called db_1. In the Solution manager, we have provided the stage promotion admin role. Because of this , the db_1_admin user is able to deploy VQL to the Stage environment to any database. That means, if the CONNECT DB db_1 command is missing from the VQL, then the solman automatically executes the VQL on the 1st available db in Stage , which this user should not have access to. Is there any role in Sol man that will allow a user to deploy only to their own dbs and not to other Denodo Dbs? Thanks.
19-04-2024 23:41:19 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, There is a similar question asked in the community on best practices in using solution manager here: [Best practices for Solution Manager roles]( For more information on predefined roles in Solution manager, please refer to the Authorization section of Solution Manager Guide: [Authorization - Solution Manager Administration Guide]( In your case, for a user in solution manager who can promote from development to staging environments, yet only limited to his own revisions, you can use **solution_manager_promotion_staging**. You can refer to this section for the list of roles specific to environments: [Overview of the Promotion Roles]( Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
21-04-2024 23:12:12 -0400
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