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Denodo installation on RHEL7 CLI without GUI.

I have been trying to install the Denodo in my RHEL 7 CLI which does not have GUI env. 1. i have installed it using 2. getting error while executing {x11 variable not faund}. I need help with this ASAP.
25-08-2023 13:41:06 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, The **** script file is used to launch the [Denodo Platform Control Center](, which is a tool that allows users to start and stop the Denodo Platform servers via a graphical interface. As such, it is required that the machine you are launching this machine from has GUI capability. In your case, since you have installed the Denodo Platform on a machine without GUI capability, I would suggest that you start or stop the Denodo Platform servers and services via the available scripts located at <DENODO_HOME>\bin directory. For example, if you would like to [start the Virtual DataPort server](, you can execute the script <DENODO_HOME>/bin/ Additionally, you can install the [Virtual DataPort Administration Tool]( separately in a machine that has GUI capability, and then connect remotely to the Virtual DataPort server. To get the installer, you can go to the [Support site](, and login with your support user. Go to **Downloads > Installers** page and download the denodo-install-vdp-client-8.0 installer from the list. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
29-08-2023 23:43:55 -0400
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