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How to Connect to Tencent COS from Denodo Platform.

Hi, I’m trying to connect DENODO to Tencent COS to extract data from it. While browsing your online resources, I was unable to find the information necessary to make these connections. Please Could you recommend some tutorials that I can use to do this?
31-01-2022 00:17:02 -0500

1 Answer

Hi, Denodo can consume a wide range of data sources through JDBC, ODBC, rest API, etc. mechanisms. At the moment Denodo supports connecting to cloud storage such as [AWS S3](, [Google Cloud Storage]( and [Azure Blob Storage]( As Tencent COS is a similar object storage service, you could access it through API calls. Tencent COS supports CSV,JSON,and Parquet files. If you are looking to consume any of these files through Denodo, you can create an appropriate datasource in Denodo based on the file type([JSON](,[CSV](,[Denodo Distributed File System Custom Wrapper]( to use HTTP as the data route providing the Cloud storage endpoint and appropriate authentication mechanism. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
31-01-2022 07:43:58 -0500
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