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VQL to identify obligatory parameters/search methods via VQL

How do you determine the mandatory parameters/search methods given a view using VQL?
01-11-2022 05:18:02 -0400

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Hi, For your scenario, I would follow the below way to identify the mandatory parameters of the view: If the mandatory parameters are configured at the source level or at the Denodo layer with an interpolation variable, I would navigate to the VQL section of the view and look for the ***“CREATE OR REPLACE TABLE”*** or ***“ALTER TABLE”*** the VQL statements. Under the **ADD SEARCHMETHOD** section, you can see the field names with the parameter type - ***OBL or OPT*** * OBL - Obligatory * OPT - Optional > > ***ADD SEARCHMETHOD ( OBL )*** For example: The view **“bv_student”** has 2 fields in which an obligatory field **“id”** which will be indicated in the VQL like below: > ***CREATE OR REPLACE TABLE bv_student > ADD SEARCHMETHOD bv_student( > CONSTRAINTS ( > ADD id (=) OBL > ADD name (=) OPT > )*** > Also, the view parameters defined in the derived views at the Denodo layer can be identified by ***“USING PARAMETERS (: type)”*** keywords in the VQL. For example, ***CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW bv_employee.... USING PARAMETERS ( employee_id: text);*** Here, the **“employee_id”** field is a view parameter which in turn is an obligatory field for this view. To get the VQL of the particular view, you can execute the below [DESC](,DESC%20VQL%20DATABASE,-statement%20exports%20all) command from the VQL Shell > ***DESC VQL view *** For more information regarding the View Parameters, you can refer to [Parameters of Derived Views]( and regarding Interpolation variable, you can refer to [Creating Base Views from SQL Queries]( sections of the Virtual DataPort Administration guide. Hope this helps!!
Denodo Team
 Edited on: 02-11-2022 05:17:01 -0400
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