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User Access and Privileges

Question 1: Is it possible to revoke the 'allusers' role from a user? Question 2: How can we give specific privileges over a user to the Solution Manager. Should the user be created in the SM VDP or where should I be doing it? Thanks in Advance
06-04-2020 07:05:42 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, ‘Allusers’ role is granted by default to new local users. Since this role is default, it cannot be modified or deleted. Additionally, you can automatically grant it to all users that connect to Virtual DataPort using Kerberos authentication, SAML 2.0 or to a database with LDAP authentication. Have a look at [User and Access Right in Virtual DataPort]( document for more information. Solution Manager Virtual DataPort Server is used to resolve authentication requests and to provide a privileges system. Solution Manager supports several kinds of users, each one with different access rights to specific features of the tool. For more information on authorization of users in Solution Manager please refer to [Authorization]( document. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
07-04-2020 12:47:01 -0400
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