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Restrcit VCS management for read-only users

Hello, I have noticed that users with read-only access can also perform VCS operations. Is there a way to limit this? My test user only has "Connect", "Metadata" and "Execute" rights. With this user I was able to perform a push operation. In my opinion that should not be possible.
13-11-2023 03:46:11 -0500

1 Answer

Hi, I understand that the users with **Connect, Metadata and Execute** privileges are able to perform VCS operations. In general, the user who has **Connect, Metadata and Execute** privileges over a virtual database in the Denodo Virtual DataPort should be able to view the elements under the database and execute queries over the views. Also, the user with the mentioned privileges can perform **PULL** operation to pull the updated elements from the repository. However, the other operations like **PUSH** and **COMMIT** will not have any effect on the database as the user does not have **WRITE** privileges. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
20-11-2023 01:16:11 -0500
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