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Unable to create Environment: VCS using Git

Hi, I am trying to create an environment in vcs management (Denodo 8), first I created a github repo and cloned it locally. In the configuration screen under VCS management in Denodo administration tool I added the url of this repo and the username and password of my github account. In Environment screen, when I try to create a new environment I get an error that **I am not authorized** when I try again I get another error which is: **Error creating environment: error creating environment: There was a problem executing a PULL operation, result was: org.eclipse.jgit.transport.FetchResult@36e0dda2 org.eclipse.jgit.api.RebaseResult@33639c96** Can you help me please?
28-11-2023 08:40:54 -0500

2 Answers

Hi, We understand that you face an error while creating environments under VCS Management in Virtual DataPort Administration Tool. The reported error usually occurs, when the environment is created directly in the remote repository instead of creating it in the Denodo and this could be creating a conflict while configuring the VCS in Denodo. In order to avoid the conflicts while creating environments, you could try performing the following: 1) In the Virtual DataPort Administration tool, navigate to Administration > VCS Management. 2) Uncheck the **'Use version control'** option and click on the 'Save' button. 3) Then, again check the 'Use version control' option and verify all fields are correctly configured as it were before. 4) Click on the 'Save' button and navigate to Environments tab. 5) Now, click on the 'New' button and try to create the environment again. Further, if the issue still persists and if you have a valid support access, then you could raise a new case in our [Denodo Support site]( where we could assist you more. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
06-12-2023 02:43:56 -0500
I struggled with his exact issue for a while and finally got to the bottom of it, so I am sharing here. Apparently a while back Github started requiring personal access tokens rather than passwords. The solution is actually quite simple. From GitHub 1. From Github click the profile icon/photo and go to settings. 2. Select Developer settings at the very bottom of the left navigation menu. 3. Select Personal access tokens and select Tokens (classic). 4. Generate a new personal access token using Generate new token (classic). 5. Give the token a name and expiration date (you can choose no expiration). 6. Give the token repo permission. 7. Click Generate Token. Be sure to save this right away as you may not be able to see it again. From the VCS configuration 1. Provide the URL, user and password authentication as you normally would. 2. Simply paste in your Personal Access Token instead of your password. Everything else behaves like the standard documentation. I hope this takes care of it for you. --Ben Rossiter
08-02-2024 19:10:59 -0500
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