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Getting error while creating diagnostic report in Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool

Hi Team, When you create a diagnostic report in Diagnostic & Monitoring webtool, a Diagnostic Database is created in VDP admin tool by default. I have to delete this Diagnostic database due to some reason. Now again I want to create diagnostic reports. But now I am unable to create diagnostic report and getting error "Unexpected error creating diagnostic in VDP". Even I cannot delete the previous created diagnostic report and getting the same error while deleting the report. The user is admin so there is no privileges issue. I have tried to create this report with another user (having admin rights) but getting same error. I am able to add server and can monitor all its components. Could you please guide to solve this issue. Thanks

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Hi, When I faced the “Unexpected error creating diagnostic in VDP” error in Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool, I checked the Virtual DataPort Administration Tool and I found that the **diagnostic** database is missing. Hence, I **recreated** this database under "Administration > Database Management" menu of the Virtual DataPort Administration Tool. After creating this **diagnostic** database, I was able to successfully access the Diagnostic and Monitoring Tool, create new diagnostics and also delete the existing ones. You can take a look at the [Creating Diagnostics]( section of Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool Guide for more information. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
06-01-2021 04:25:37 -0500
Thanks a lot team! This solution worked.
06-01-2021 04:40:52 -0500
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