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User Limit on open connections

Is there guidance on what max limit should be for open connection per user? Also, if we limit, is it general limitation in that no matter what type of user is hitting, it’s just max connections or is there way to limit by type of connection? So can I limit user using different connection types to 5 each at same time for instance?
08-08-2022 09:42:54 -0400

1 Answer

Hello, Because the server connects on behalf of the user, connections per user do not actually exist. Client connections to the Denodo Server are normally managed by a connection pool. To limit an open connection couldn't be attainable immediately and needed a **custom policy** to be developed to handle it. If I would like to limit the opened connections to data sources, I would decrease the number of maximum active connections in the connection pool for the data source I want to limit to connect. There is a global configuration option to the VDP server in the **** file that describes pool options for various data sources. There is a similar Community [Q&A]( that describes a global configuration option to limit the connections. There is another Community [Q&A]( that explains about the connection pool configuration. I would use these Community Q&A as a good reference. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
10-08-2022 19:07:13 -0400
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