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Can we query Denodo Base view and create csv data extract for the query by using unix script?

Can we query/trigger Denodo Base view and create csv data extract for the query output by using unix script?
28-07-2021 18:05:41 -0400

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Hi, Yes, you can query Denodo Base views using shell scripts. This will need utilizing Denodo JDBC driver (denodo-vdp-jdbcdriver.jar) and a similar question is answered in this [link]( If this doesn’t need to be fully integrated to the shell script, you can create a Denodo Scheduler job to export data in CSV. For setting up this job, 1) Create a new VDP Scheduler job by selecting “New Job > VDP” in the Denodo Scheduler. 2) Under “Extraction section” tab, choose the appropriate Data Source and add your query under “Parameterized Query” 3) Under the “Exporters section” tab, Select “New Exporter>CSV”. 4) Automate the execution of the job in the “Triggers section” tab, where you can define a CRON expression to initiate the job at certain intervals. Also, if you want to launch this job via command line, you can refer to the [Q&A response]( here. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
29-07-2021 16:59:20 -0400
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