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Multi Cloud Integration in Denodo

HI Denodo SME, Do we have multi-cloud integration capability in Denodo ? Scenario : Integrating AWS Redshift data with Azure Synpse (analytic service) or something thing similar where customer wants to integrates data from two cloud provider , if any idea what would be the high level archtectual flow / consideration for such use cases. Regards, Mangesh
03-06-2021 10:44:44 -0400

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Hi, Denodo would be a good fit for use cases such as Multi Cloud Integration. You could refer to the Knowledge Base Article [Denodo Cloud Architectures]( to know more about Multi Cloud Integration using Denodo. In Virtual DataPort, I would integrate the data from two cloud data sources like AWS Redshift and Azure Synapse by following steps: * Launch Virtual DataPort Administration tool and create a two separate [JDBC data sources]( to connect with AWS Redshift and Azure Synapse. * Choose the database adapter "Amazon Redshift" and "Azure SQL Data Warehouse" from the drop down in AWS Redshift and Azure Synapse JDBC sources respectively. Please note Azure Synapse was previously known as Azure SQL Data Warehouse. * The required JDBC drivers for establishing the connection are already available in Denodo Installation. You could refer to the section [Supported JDBC Data Sources]( for more information. * Provide the JDBC URL and credentials for AWS Redshift and Azure Synapse. * Introspect the tables from AWS Redshift and Azure Synapse and create base views, you could refer to the section [Creating Base Views from a JDBC Data Source ]( for more information. * You could integrate these base views created from cloud sources by [creating derived views]( with operations like joins, unions, intersect etc. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
04-06-2021 09:23:25 -0400
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