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Denodo 7.0 upgrade to Denodo version 8.0

Hi Team, Planning to upgrade the denodo 7.0 to denodo 8.0. Before upgrading we are concern about the impact of this upgradation. We are using two nodes of Denodo instance without load balancing feature. Please guide me what are the different points we need to consider and check before upgrading the denodo version. Also please let me know denodo 8.0 version can be install on the same machine where previous denodo version is running or not. Thanks a lot!
17-11-2021 01:10:06 -0500

1 Answer

Hi, To make sure your upgrade from Denodo 7.0 to Denodo 8.0 is smooth and complete ,I would recommend you refer to the following documents of the Denodo Platform Upgrade Guide : * [Preparing to Upgrade.]( * [Pre-Upgrade Tasks for the New Installation.]( Regarding your next question. Yes, you can install the Denodo Platform version 8.0 in the same physical machine where the current installation of the Denodo Platform 7.0 is running, but it has to be installed in a different directory. It is also possible to run different versions simultaneously, To do that configure the new installation to use different ports to listen to connections. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
17-11-2021 06:44:36 -0500
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