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Tracing a view field to its original source and original field name

Hi, Is it possible to query a view and get the original field name of the field name in the view? For example, if I had a view of CustomerPurchases and the field was CustomerFirstName but the original source the view pulls from is called Customers360 and the field name the view maps to is called FirstName, is there a way to get the name of the source and the field name via VQL?
24-01-2022 14:33:13 -0500

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Hi, You can retrieve the original view name and column names by executing the COLUMN_DEPENDENCIES() through VQL, refer [COLUMN_DEPENDENCIES]( article. I would refer to the answer provided in similar Community Q&A for additional reference [Getting interface view column names from reference table]( You can also obtain the same information using [Data Lineage]( in the Virtual DataPort Administration Tool with administrative privileges. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
 Edited on: 25-01-2022 02:40:00 -0500
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