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Can I perform periodic updates of the base view definition?

Hi, I created base views from SharePoint List Data Sources using OData. As data source definitions are modified from time to time, **I would like to poll them periodically and update their definitions.** Is there some VQL statement to update base view definition? OR please let me know if there's a better solution. Any help is really appreciated. Regards REFERENCE > [Denodo OData2 Custom Wrapper - User Manual](
24-10-2022 23:22:25 -0400

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Hello, If I have to update a base view definition based on the changes in the source database, I can opt for either of the following approaches : 1. I will go to Virtual DataPort Admin Tool/ Web Design Studio and click on the base view and go to Edit Tab and click on Source Refresh. 1. Or, I can develop a stored procedure using the [GET_SOURCE_CHANGES]( and [GET_VIEW ]( procedures that will gather the changes in a base view definition to a separate table and based on this table script the ALTER vql statement to [Modify The Base View]( You can refer to the document [How to detect Changes In Base View]( to get more information about how to use the combination of GET_SOURCE_CHANGES and GET_VIEW stored procedures. Also, you can refer to the document [Developing A Stored Procedure]( for getting the steps for creating, importing and executing stored procedures. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
26-10-2022 18:11:00 -0400
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