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Is it possible to use the Denodo SSH Custom Wrapper to execute a shell command on an AWS EC2 instance ?

We are using denodo 8.0 on AWS. The SSH wrapper requires a username/password which we do not have for connecting to a AWS EC2 instance. We specifically want the shell comand to run on the localhost of the VDP server that is EC2.
17-10-2022 08:42:32 -0400

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Hello, I understand that you are on Denodo 8.0 and want to run the shell command on the EC2 instance which hosts the Virtual DataPort(VDP) server. Denodo’s VDP SSH custom wrapper uses the secure shell protocol to connect to a remote computer and execute a command. In order to confirm whether you can ssh the EC2 instance on which the VDP is installed, I would recommend attempting the same ssh connection via the command line or an SSH client first. If that works successfully, then surely it will work from within Denodo. The configuration of a custom data source in Denodo using ssh custom wrapper requires you to provide following information : ***Host*** : Name of the remote machine or its IP address. For example, in this case it will be the IP address of your AWS EC2 instance. ***Port*** : Port number to connect to remote machine. For example, in this case it will be an SSH port for EC2 instance, which is 22 by default. ***Username*** : It's the username to log into the remote machine. For example, in this case it will be your login credentials for an EC2 instance that has SSH privileges. ***Password*** : It's the password of the username provided above. You can refer to the solution of [Q/A]( and the document [Denodo SSH Custom Wrapper]( to get the detailed steps on configuring the SSH custom data source. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
17-10-2022 19:41:33 -0400
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