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Support for AWS code commit via git credential helper

Hi, I am currently looking at the possibility of using **AWS code commit** with Denodo. However, I cannot see how we can configure a credential helper for code commit in Denodo. There are restrictions that use of SSH keys, username/passwords and we can only configure it via AWS IAM roles and credential helper. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks as always! Regards V
26-10-2022 04:56:00 -0400

2 Answers

Hi, I was able to successfully configure AWS CodeCommit as Version Control System in Denodo Platform. While Configuring the Version Control System with [Git](,GIT%3A,-Use%20user%20and), I was able to authenticate it, only through **SSH Keys** and **username & password**. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
28-10-2022 09:22:23 -0400
Thanks for confirming. Really appreciate it. So I had a look at this in a little bit more detail after configuring the logs and it seems the issue is due to the fact that denodo seems to be utlizing **jgit** java library for implementing git commands and does not appear to use the git application or configuration on the server. Interestingly, **jgit** does not have support for credential helpers out of the box - there is an enhancement open - - but it has been open for the last 7 years! Hence, configuration - username and ssh keys can be configured but not via credential helper. Regards V
31-10-2022 06:05:57 -0400
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