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POST Dynamic XML Content

Let's say there's a RESTful Service that publishes a list of Users and returns a Transaction_ID. The REST Service that I want to utilize requires a POST body of a specific XML format. While Denodo allows static data to be embedded within a POST (e.g. Load File), is there a way dynamic content can be loaded such as a reference to an XML file or Denodo View which will contain all the current users to upload?
20-10-2014 14:16:15 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, You can read this answer about JSON Headers: Although this answer refers to JSON data sources the same applies to XML data sources as you will be using the same "HTTP client" data route. As explained in this answer you can use interpolation variables to make the headers or the body of a request dynamic.
Denodo Team
20-10-2014 18:25:43 -0400
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