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Can we install Denodo on Unix/Linux and later it can be refer by Multiple User ?

Hi Team , I would like to know that 1) Can we install Dendod Express Version on Unix/Linux ? If yes can you please guide me ? 2) Also Can we able to create Multiple Userse on Unix/Linux ? For Example : Lets say I have installed Dendod on XYZ server . Now I have 3 User A,B,C How those user can acess Denodo via GUI ? Can you please help me on the same ? Regards, Ganesh Taware (91-9960912653)
13-12-2016 04:32:15 -0500

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Hi Ganesh, Yes, you can install Denodo in Linux. If you have an XWindows environment, you can just use the graphical installation wizard like in Windows. If you are connected via command line, we also provide a text-based installation wizard. From your shell, go to <DENODO>/bin and use: ``` chmod +x ./ install ``` You can find all the details in the installation guide available [here]( Regarding different users accesing Denodofrom the Administration Tool, have in mind that usually these people will have the Denodo client installed in their laptps, and from there they will connect to the Denodo server. Therefore, end users usually don't log-in directly into the Linux server to run the Denodo GUI.
Denodo Team
13-12-2016 15:57:05 -0500
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