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Flatten Operation

I am trying Flatten tutorial mentioned below link. Step 3 isn't working for me "Go to the Output tab, rename the view to billing_information and also rename the field customer_id to return_customer_id then click on" I am getting error when I am trying to rename customer_id to return_customer_id Getting "**Multiple subviews has field 'customer_id'. Specify subview alias**"
12-03-2021 10:43:51 -0500

1 Answer

Hi, I was able to reproduce the behavior, when I changed the field name of the Flatten view in the Output tab of the Web Design Studio. In this scenario, I would use the Virtual DataPort Administration Tool which automatically changes the field names of the flatten view to avoid conflicts at run time and also I was able to modify the field name as required. You can refer to the [Creating Flatten Views]( section under the Virtual DataPort Administration Guide for more information. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
15-03-2021 07:55:55 -0400
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