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Web container status: OFF

I have been exploring the Data services module from denodo community site after creating the interface, i created the SOAP dataservice and REST dataservice, when i try to deploy these services, i get an error message saying "web service was not successfully deployed by the web container". web container: OFF I had successfully deployed it earlier, and then i dropped all the services and created a new data services, and i ended up with this error. How do i fix this problem?
05-03-2015 06:53:19 -0500

1 Answer

What error do you get in this case from the web container when you try to access the web services? Or is this an error that you get trying to publish new web services from the VDP Admin tool? You should be able to check the status of your web container from the VQL Shell using the following command: WEBCONTAINER STATUS If the status is stopped, you can start it again from the VQL Shell using the start command: WEBCONTAINER START. After this, the message in your Web Container should be ON and your web services should be working.
Denodo Team
05-03-2015 11:30:16 -0500
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