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Connecting to multiple databases with ODBC Connection

My goal is to be able to query multiple databases in a workflow, but I am not able to determine how to set up one ODBC connection that allows you to query more than one, or how to set up multiple ODBC connections that are each mapped to one database. I think this is more of a lack of knowledge on how the driver works rather than a denodo issue, but has anyone faced a similar issue or have guidance that can be helpful to me? -Dan
02-05-2018 15:11:46 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, If you have configured correctly the ODBC connection to Denodo following the section [access to Denodo through ODBC](, you will be able to use elements from a database in another database. For instance, a user connected to database DB1 will be able to use elements in database DB2 to create a new view in DB1, as long as she has the required privileges on DB1 and DB2. To do that, what you should do to reference a view from a different database, the name of the view must be preceded with the name of the database the view belongs to: <database_name>.<view_name>. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
03-05-2018 12:31:28 -0400
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