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issue in accessing derived views in Alteryx

Hi, I have provided access for a derived view from denodo to Alteryx. The user is able to access the derived view from SQL editor in Alteryx. My **question** here is Can I view the list of derived views in the rightside navigation panel in the **Visual Query Builder** window(a tree view kind of structure) in Alteryx. In this way the user will be able to get all the list of derived views to which he/she can connect. Best Regards, Sachi
10-07-2017 17:28:37 -0400

2 Answers

Hi Sachi, In order to view the list of views in the Visual Query Builder of the Alteryx tool, you need to give read access to the database in Denodo Platform.By doing so you will give default read access to all the views present in that database. I think this is the reason why you are not able to see the listed view in the Visual Query Builder when you give read access only to the selected derived views. Hope this helps.
Denodo Team
11-07-2017 09:06:58 -0400
One observation we had when experimenting with Alteryx is that it will only recognize those denodo databases (in the visual builder) that have at least one base view in them. Those databases that only contain derived views would not even be listed in the visual browser...but as soon as we arbitrarily add one base view to that database, it suddently shows-up. No idea why it does this, or if everyone else has this happen, but that has been our experience.
19-10-2018 16:17:06 -0400
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