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Event based scheduling in Denodo

Need to execute Interface view/s using scheduler based on configuration table entry made by user(on demand request) User can set the status of the one or multiple reports in the configuration table as "OnDemand". We need to read this entry and execute the Denodo interface/s corresponding to that report. | ID | Report Name | Status | | -------- | -------- | -------- | | 1 | ABC | OnDemand | | 2 | BCD | Daily | As shown above, user has set the status of report "ABC" as "On Demand" in the configuration table. We need to execute interface corresponding to this interface through scheduler and once the job executed we need to update the status to "Daily". Can we configure such **event based scheduling ** in Denodo ? Note: There are different interface views developed for each of these reports..
07-10-2022 09:39:48 -0400

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Hello, I understand that you want to create an event based scheduling such that the value in a view is checked corresponding to a report name and starts the respective job to execute the associated interface view. In Denodo, currently the available job triggers are either Time based implemented by providing values through Cron expression or based on the successful completion of other scheduler jobs. You can refer to the document [Time Based Scheduling]( and [Job Dependent Scheduling]( to know more about these. I would suggest looking into the available scheduler APIs in Denodo to implement your specific implementation. Denodo provides RMI based and REST based client API for development. Using these APIs the scheduler jobs can be created, managed and operated programmatically. You can refer to the document [Scheduler Developer API]( to get more information. If you need further assistance with the issue then you can open a support case from a valid support account. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
12-10-2022 21:00:12 -0400
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