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Data Catalog partial/selected synchronization

We are using the current Denodo 8 update release - Data Catalog version 8. Is there a way to sync only selected VDP virtual schemas or Denodo databases? For example, it would seem there would be no need to expose the 'admin', 'itpilot', etc. to the Data Catalog users. We would like to exclude those from the syncronization on a regular basis and also cleanup/remove them from data catalog . Thanks in advance
11-05-2021 11:09:12 -0400

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Hi, The Data catalog is only like a client application for the business users that exposes the views of the VDP server. Therefore, all the elements of the VDP server would always be reflected in the data catalog. However, you can assign the privileges to the users according to your needs, so they have access to only specific elements of the VDP server. To manage the databases, users, roles, and privileges of a Virtual DataPort server, you can log in as an admin user in the Virtual DataPort Administration Tool. You can navigate to Administration > User Management, select the data catalog user and then assign privileges. For example, you can assign privileges to the data catalog users such that they do not have access to the admin and itpilot databases. By doing this, the data catalog user can only access the database that is assigned to them. For more information you can refer to[ User and Access Right in Virtual DataPort](, [Modifying the Privileges of a User]( of Virtual DataPort Administration Guide Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
11-05-2021 21:44:19 -0400
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