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Iam unable to execute NTILE function in denodo

Hi, While executing query in denodo by using ntile function is not executing. It is showing as below error.Kindly help on this. SQL Error [50006] [HY000]: Error executing view: Function ntile is not executable Much appreciate if you provide suggestions on this. Regards, Naren K
08-05-2020 13:45:54 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, Denodo supports the [NTILE]( Function when it can be delegated to the underlying data source. So, I would make sure the data source supports the NTILE function for execution. For data sources that do not support Analytic functions (like NTILE), I would use the Data Movement optimization to transfer the data to a database that supports NTILE function. Refer the documentation for the [workaround]( For more details, you may refer to Q&A [here]( Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
11-05-2020 00:03:55 -0400
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