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Denodo Pagination - JSON Source

I am facing an issue while paginating the data. We are getting response details in JSOn format and we are simply passing the path of that next page in JSON data source. But the Denodo Pagination mechanism is something where complete URI will be replaced with nextpage option. However we have a requirement where we need to have some part of URI to be passed with pagination Example: 1. This is a rough example : I have added this query in ds and this gives me first 1000 records first_name, last_name, modified_name from apps 2. Now response has next Page value, I have enabled pagination where I am trying to obtain next page URL from response and I failed. 3. This pagination replaces the current URL to<nextpage value> and this fails becasue we need some part of URI in the pagination request 4. The request from Pagination should happen like this :<nextpage value> <------This will work fine but we are uanble to achieve this. Can you pleas ehelp on this?
17-08-2021 10:36:25 -0400

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Hi, Denodo does allow data to be pulled into Denodo from a JSON datasource where the JSON is from a REST web service. The ability to see all of the data from the web service continuously rather than broken up is because of Pagination. There are several different values such as the path to the next page URL from the header or the path to the next page URL from the response among other options which can be passed in for getting the next page when using Pagination. The Pagination feature in Denodo is able to get the next page from the URI that is brought in from a previous response. There is not an option however, for me to just pass in a chunk of the URI to get to the next page. I can pass in a token or have the whole URI from the response be used, but not just a part of the URI taken from the response. For overview of pagination please check out the [Pagination]( section of the Virtual DataPort Administration Guide. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
20-08-2021 16:20:51 -0400
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