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How handle multiple web server requests?

I have a technical question regarding a Denodo process. I’m trying to take the response from one endpoint, pass it to a second endpoint as a parameter, and run and display the output from the second endpoint. The first endpoint responds with a filename, which I want passed to the second endpoint. The second endpoint performs a query against a STAC server and provides a JSON response. I’m currently using two HTTP_clients in Denodo to handle the endpoints, but cannot figure out how to pass the output of the first endpoint to the second. What Denodo tools should I use to run the above process? Thanks, John V
14-07-2023 13:45:01 -0400

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Hi, You can either use a nested where condition with the first view result on you second view or create a join between the views. e.g. **first solution** Add the following condition to the second view "Where Conditions" tab: `<second_view_filter_field> in (select <file_name_field> from <first_view>)` **second solution** Create a join view with the following join condition `<second_view>.<file_name_field>=<first_view>.<file_name_field>` Some user guide sections that may be useful: * [Creating Join Views]( * You may need some flatten view as I understand you're working with json data sources: [Creating Flatten Views]( Hope this helps
Denodo Team
17-07-2023 08:16:08 -0400
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