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ERROR in CREATE VIEW with view parameters

I tried to create view with parameters, but I'm getting an error. [Error Message] Error calculating view : Empty schema [sample query] *CREATE VIEW "Sample" AS SELECT RegDate, EmpId DeptCode, Count() AS Cnt FROM ( SELECT o.RegId, o.RegDate, o.CustId, e.EmpId, d.DeptCode FROM Order o LEFT JOIN Employee e ON o.EmpId = e.EmpId LEFT JOIN Deport d ON e.DeptCode = d.DeptCode WHERE RegDate BETWEEN stdt AND endt ) GROUP BY RegDate, EmpId, DeptCode **USING PARAMETERS** (stdt : text '20230730', endt : text '20230731');* ※ EmpId column(Order table) allows null values. ※ DeptCode column(Employee table) allows null values.
31-07-2023 04:08:32 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, I would check to see if you can find a more detailed description about the error in the vdp log file under <Denodo_Home>/logs/vdp/vdp.logs as this issue does not seem to be replicable with the VQL you provided above. I would also suggest you to test the nested query separately in order to try to further pinpoint the root cause of the error message. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
01-08-2023 08:49:11 -0400
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