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Queue for failed HTTP Posts

Hello pals, I'm trying to solve the following problem: I want to read and insert information on a database that is not always up. The full cache approach will solve the read problem. On the other hand, I have been looking for a queue-like solution, which saves the failed HTTP post requests and execute them once the database is up again. Any idea? Thank you.

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Hi, If you wish to insert information into a database, instead of the saving the HTTP post requests from the deployed web service, you can instead directly execute the query statement. You can then schedule this query by creating a job in the Scheduler server. There is a Retry Section when creating the job which you can enable to configure to retry the job if it fails. A better alternative would be, if you do know when the database is up, then you can set the Trigger Section to execute the job in a certain time of the day. This is configured using the crom expression. You can refer to [Time-based Job Scheduling Section]( of the Scheduler Administration Guide for more information. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
06-02-2020 03:29:37 -0500
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