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Asking about connecting Denodo to remote databases.

Hi Denodo team, Yesterday, I started to use Denodo Express for my study. When I went through the tutorial, I realized that I could not find a menu in Denodo Express that allow me to connect to remote databases. Here is the scenario that I am trying to practice using Denodo Express: Let say that I have two databases: one mysql database and one postgresql. I put these two databases in different machine with the machine that I installed Denodo. In the current version of Denodo Express, if I click New Data Source, I only can find JDBC, ODBC, Multidimentional DB, Web Service, and so on. Therefore, could you advise me how to connect Denodo Express with remote databases? Thank you. Kemas Wiharja
16-04-2019 10:09:14 -0400

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Hello, Each of those data sources you have mentioned, JDBC, ODBC, Multidimensional DB, Web Service, etc., can be used to connect to local or remote resources. The difference is in the connection string that you provide when configuring the data source. When connecting to a data source, the recommended method is via JDBC, when possible. It’s the most efficient method. You can see a list of JDBC drivers that are distributed with Denodo: For detail on creating JDBC sources, see here: If the driver of the selected adapter is not distributed with Denodo, download it from the vendor’s site, and copy it to the folder <DENODO_HOME>/lib-external/jdbc-drivers/database name - version. In the case of MySQL 5, copy the driver to <DENODO_HOME>/lib-external/jdbc-drivers/mysql-5/ For example, if you have a JDBC connection to a MySQL database that is running locally, the URI might look like this: jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/crm However, you could easily point that data source to a remote resource by using a specific IP (in this case a generic example - 192.168.10.XXX) of the remote machine: jdbc:mysql://192.168.10.XXX:3306/crm Hope this helps.
Denodo Team
17-04-2019 16:05:07 -0400
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