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Retrodocumentation fo denodo bv/table with power designer through ODBC does not work fully

Hello we managed to connected power designer to denodo with odbc 3.0 following documentation provided. It does expose the different base views and tables but when we ask for retro document it only shows the tables with no field and no relation between tables are shown. Did anyone succeed in performing a full retrodocumentation with power design with denodo. Is there a something we missed. Help will be appreciated. Please not that retroducmentation did not work for any of our different db types (sybase, mssql, oracle)....
Vincent Boucheron
13-10-2023 16:35:25 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, Please refer to the Knowledge Base article [How to Connect to Denodo from SAP PowerDesigner]( Please review the section ‘Connecting to Denodo using ODBC’. You’ll need to: * Use the ‘Reverse Engineer’ feature under the File menu * Use the DSN created for the ODBC connection * Use the check boxes for Primary/Foreign keys, etc. Checking these options should give you more information about the data model, where fields came from originally, etc. Lastly, please refer to the DSN [Configuration for ODBC Connections to VDP]( Knowledge Base Article to verify that the DSN was set up correctly. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
18-10-2023 12:57:58 -0400
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