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Denodo not able to identify ADLS DataBase

Hi, I am using DataBrick to create Tables in Azure ADLS Gen2. I have one "DataBase" and a few "Tables" of Delta format. I am following the Denodo Doc to connect to dfs and able to connect my azure ADLS. **Prob1**: while creating "Create Base View" . I specified the path till database, like "DatabaseName.Table1" . and for second table , I use "DatabaseName.Table2" My full path is: `abfss://<ContainerName>@<adlsName>` I gave: > Parquet File Path = /database/dir1/DatabaseName.Table1 > File Name pattern = (.*)parquet but its not able to recognize like this way. While If I give like below , it works. But I am not sure how to provide a databasename and Table to be sure, I am not getting data from Table2. Its confusing. Please explain. > Parquet File Path = /database/dir1/ > File Name pattern = (.*)parquet **Prob **2: The table data is being repeated. Every time I load data in delta table and access it through DataBrick (Notepad), it shows me LATEST data.. but in Denodo it keeps adding for each load. Simple query like below gives me 5 rows if I loaded data 5 times. It should be always Latest data only. What am I missing? `select * from denodo_poc.ds_adlsview where myColumn1='A1'`
07-06-2021 19:23:40 -0400

2 Answers

Part 1 of problem is due to folder structure was not correct on Delta table. Each table should have one seperate folder that Delta creates while loading data. In denodo, we should set the complete path till the folder. Thats solved my problem But Part-2 is still a problem where Denodo showing repeated data instead of latest one. Denodo Team please help
08-06-2021 14:44:40 -0400
Hi, for problem1, I think you can try “(.)\\.parquet” as mentioned in the user manual. Also, it seems better to specify the full path of the directory you want to access. Since table1 and table2 are different directories which each contain files, I think you need to configure them separately and later you can combine the base views in denodo. [Denodo Distributed File System Custom Wrapper - User Manual]( For problem2, if the source has only one record and Denodo loads more records, it’s better to check the cache configuration. Those records could be from the cache. [Configuring the Cache]( Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
10-06-2021 22:57:50 -0400
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