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We are able to see lists, yet files attached are only retreived as filenames and not a BLOB

We have been able to follow the procedure as stated from: We can see the lists data but one important thing is missing: FILES. We could concatenate the URL to allow direct download of FILE, but that is not the way we need it to be. We need the BLOB database version of the files so a 3rd party can deploy them in a ZIP file.
17-08-2021 13:34:49 -0400

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Hi, If you want the files as a BLOB, you will need to source it as BLOB and sharepoint does not support conversions. Therefore, if you can move your files to Azure blob storage. Once you have your files there, the Denodo Platform can be connected to [Azure Blob Storage]( Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
19-08-2021 19:33:35 -0400
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