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Interpolation Variable with Power BI

I have created final view with interpolation variable. I would like to use this final view in power BI. I need to pass value to the interpolation variable from power bi report and load only the particular dataset to the model. How can I achieve this
16-12-2021 01:29:42 -0500

1 Answer

Hi, To pass value to the interpolation variable of the view from the Power BI, I would use the Power Query advanced editor option in the Power BI and provide the required value for the interpolation fields by doing the following steps: * Open the Power BI tool, load the corresponding view and click on the **"Transform Data"** button. * The view should open in a power query editor window. If not, then navigate to the Power Query Editor window. * In the Queries tab, click on the name of the corresponding view and then click on **'Advanced Editor'**. * In the Advanced Editor window, provide a value for the interpolation fields by using Power BI code. You can do this by using the table function [Table.SelectRows]( in Power Query. Click **“Done”**. The data should load in the table. Please refer to the linked [Microsoft documentation]( for more information. Hope this helps!!
Denodo Team
20-12-2021 04:22:23 -0500
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