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Add users in Denodo 6.0 through Web service, Logging mechanism to store user activity, Pass user name and pwd in API request URL

1. Is there any API or Web service in Denodo to add Users and their roles. 2. Is there any logging mechanism, where it stores Users activity like which User is accessing which API. 3. How to pass username and password when security is enabled in Denodo API’s request (URL)?
16-08-2018 09:59:36 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, 1. The only out of the box ways to create users is through the [admin tool](, or through [VQL]( So, to have a web service that does this, I might suggest creating a base view over vdp that [accepts parameters](, with VQL to create users. You can then publish that base view on a web service, and voila, web service to create users! 2. It sounds like you’re looking for [Auditing User Access](, which will provide connection information to vdp, through apis or otherwise. 3. Auth doesn’t go in the URL, it goes in the header. You would be sending auth credentials in plaintext otherwise, and an https connection will be able to encrypt the header in transit. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
21-08-2018 12:32:55 -0400
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