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Evaluate a formula present in a text field

I have a table where I have a formula as a text attribute. I want to query this table and get an output with an addition derived attribute where I want to capture the execution result of the formula. Sample in input data : Select 1 Num,'0+ 1*(3)' Exp union all Select 2 Num, 'Max(0,450/100) + 1*(5.5)' Exp Sample output : Select 1 Num,'0+ 1*(3)' Exp, 2 Result union all Select 2 Num, 'Max(0,450/100) + 1*(5.5)' Exp, 9 Result
26-05-2016 05:59:25 -0400

1 Answer

Hey, The Denodo Virtual DataPort does not have a function that can evaluate a string. There's the option of developing your own function that can be called in VDP. Information about how to do this can be found in the developing custom functions section of the VDP Developer Guide found here: Hope that helps!
Denodo Team
26-05-2016 11:05:56 -0400
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