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User & Roles creation

The information in the link below Do we need to create these users in all the VDP server in the cluster? or just in Solution Manager Server?
25-07-2019 09:07:19 -0400

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Hi, You need not create all the users in both the Solution Manager and the Virtual DataPort Server Clusters. It depends on which users you want to perform the tasks associated with the Solution Manager (for example - code promotion, setting properties, monitoring) and which ones you would want to perform actions using the Virtual Data Port (for example- creating data sources and views) from the Denodo Platform. You need to create and assign roles in the appropriate tool based on this information. Creating a user in a Virtual DataPort server does not mean that the user has access to perform tasks in the Solution Manager, and vice versa. Also, user defined in one Virtual DataPort Server does not have access to another Virtual DataPort Server though both might be a part of the same cluster in the Solution Manager Administration Tool. There is a chance that you have a particular user who you want to have access to all VDP servers and the Solution Manager. In that case, be sure to define this user on all servers of Virtual DataPort and the Solution Manager. Before you start creating users in the Virtual DataPort and authorizing them, I would recommend that you go through [Administration of Databases, Users, Roles and Their Access Rights]( Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
26-07-2019 05:06:11 -0400
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