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Condition statement examples for resource manager rule

CONDITION ''user_name=''testusr'" can we specify like this or only True or   false to restrict only for a specific user. In
07-12-2021 14:43:37 -0500

2 Answers

Hi, Yes, you can use the condition statement in the rule with the user_name parameter as you mentioned. Hence, the resource manager evaluates the condition of the rule and if it is met, it assigns the plan of the rule to the user session. For example, if you want to create a rule with this condition you could use the condition as follows: ** user_name = <user_name>** For more information on setting up the Rule condition, have a look at [Resource Manager: Available Fields to Evaluate a Rule]( and [Resource Manager]( ) sections of Virtual DataPort Administration Guide. Hope this helps!!
Denodo Team
08-12-2021 02:20:32 -0500
Thank you, its working
08-12-2021 05:36:14 -0500
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