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FYI: How to get encrypted passwords in your file for the Denodo Testing Tool (DTT)

It took my awhile to figure this out... so I thought I'd post the answer to help others that come along the same problem... HOW TO ENCRYPT YOUR PASSWORDS IN THE Denodo Testing Tool FILE Step 1: Download jasypt Step 2: choose an encryption password (e.g., "my_encryption_password") Step 3: Go to jasypt\bin Step 4: Run encrypt.bat with the input parameter and password parameter input parameter - this is the string you want to encrypt password parameter - this is the password that jasypt is going to use to encrypt and decrypt the input parameter Your command should look like this: encrypt.bat input=password_you_want_to_encrypt password=my_encryption_password Take note of the output (example output: IGjXIS+vR6OUSKu0MdPjYA== ) Step 5: Open your file, replace "password_you_want_to_encrypt" with "ENC(IGjXIS+vR6OUSKu0MdPjYA==)" (but instead of IGjXIS+vR6OUSKu0MdPjYA== you should use the output from Step 4) Step 6: Add an environment variable, DENODO_TEST_ENCRYPTION_PASSWORD, with a value of "my_encryption_password" (without the quotes) (but use your real encryption password) Step 7: run your tests Thank you~! Keywords: org.jasypt.exceptions.EncryptionOperationNotPossibleException org.jasypt.exceptions.EncryptionInitializationException: Password not set for Password Based Encryptor
03-04-2015 15:22:18 -0400

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Hi! Thank you for the detailed explanation. We will add your steps as an appendix to the Denodo Testing Tool documentation in the near future. Thanks for your contribution to the Denodo Community!
Denodo Team
07-04-2015 04:20:09 -0400
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