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Unable to Query views with individual columns in select query

Hi Denodo team, I am trying to query a view with its individual columns in the select query but it is failing to fetch the result and throwing the below error. Finished with error: Error in select view conditions: Field not found 'view_name.column_name' in view 'view_name'. For example : select col_name1,col_name2,col_name3 from view_name; But when I'm using * '*' in select query then denodo is fetching results. For example: Select * from view_name; My View column contains Mixed case letters like AccountNumber but when I am querying it is becoming as accountnumber and denodo is telling Field not found 'view_name.column_name' in view 'view_name'. Is there any case sensitive issue in denodo ? Can I know when denodo throw such errors and what are the possible solutions for this or am I doing any mistake in the query. Please help me with this. Thanks in Advance, Kranthi.
02-12-2020 10:34:00 -0500

1 Answer

Hi, The identifiers of elements (data sources, wrappers, views, and their fields, etc.) may be case-sensitive or not. This depends on how the elements are created. By default, the [Unicode support]( is disabled, so any new element will be created with a “[Restricted](” character set. When an element is created in this restricted mode, its identifier is case insensitive. For example, if your fieldname is “AccountNumber”, it will be created as accountnumber in the restricted mode. However, if you have created view and its field name with case-sensitive (Unicode mode), then the name of fields should be surrounded by double quotes (“) while executing it using select statement. Otherwise you will get an error. You can refer to the Knowledge base article [Unable to create users with the upper case]( for more information. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
03-12-2020 06:51:36 -0500
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