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Export Metadata from Data Catalog as a table

Hello, I would like to export the view names, view descriptions, tags and categories from Data Catalog as a table. Is there any way to do it? I exported the data from Data Catalog and everything is in the form of JSON. We have several views in our databases. When I downloaded the export there are separate files for tags, categories, etc. Finding the tags and categories for each view from this export is very difficult for so many views. Any suggestion on how to get view names, descriptions, tags, categories in a single table is appreciated. Thanks
16-05-2023 04:35:59 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, I’ve got that information using the Data Catalog REST API. With this API, you can create some views in the Virtual Data Port to retrieve that information about tags, categories, elements, etc. After creating the views, you can associate them with a Join View in order to combine the information in one view. For more information I’d refer to the documentation section on the Data Catalog Guide [REST API]( Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
19-05-2023 03:16:38 -0400
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