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Database connection issue in denodo6

Hello, While trying to connect to denodo6 database through vdp-admin tool, we are facing authentication error: Database 'admin' not found even though admin database is present on server. This issue has been recently encountered. Could you please suggest the possible causes for this issue?
05-10-2016 11:30:21 -0400

1 Answer

I had a similar problem (but with 5.5 - about a year ago). What we did was removing some temporary metadata of the Administration Tool (this is just temporary information - confirmed by Denodo Support - and can be removed without any problems): So we just had to 1) stop all the Admin Tools 2) remove the files at DENODOHOME\metadata\vdp-admin vdp-admin-import-uris.bin, vdp-admin-queryconditions.bin, vdp-admin-roles-ldap-configs.bin, vdp-admin-urlconnections.bin, vdp-admin-vqlsentences.bin 3) and restart the Admin Tool I hope that soves your issue?
06-10-2016 02:48:38 -0400
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