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OAuth 2.0 support for Delimited files

I want to retrieve a delimited file from a protected data source. The datasource is using OAuth 2.0 for authentication. The delimited file http transport does not support OAuth 2.0 for authentication. Can I get around this or enable it for Delimited file. OAuh 2.0 is supported for JSON, so why is it not supported for Delimited? Cheers
21-11-2017 04:04:36 -0500

1 Answer

Hi, If there is any other way to access the same data that is present in delimited file, I would try to use the sources that can support OAuth authenticatioin. For example, in your case, I would try to get the JSON/XML representation for the delimited file and then use one of those datasources using OAuth 2.0 credentials. Besides, the support for using OAuth 2.0 authentication with Delimited files will be available in the future updates of Denodo Platform. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
12-12-2017 05:12:53 -0500
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