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HTTPS within Denodo Web Service

Hi there Few basic quesitons about the web services container: 1. Does the denodo server have to run SSL in order to use HTTPs? A. I looked at the instrucutions here: 2. If yes, will I get an HTTPS option after I do the above in (A)? 3. If no, can you suggest the best possilbe route to get it enabeled? I saw in the manual that you could use a proxy, but I didn't know if that was the only way and I don't see quite the same options as they suggested (using Denodo 6). Thank you.
20-06-2016 12:44:22 -0400

3 Answers

Hi, The Web Services Container utilizes Denodo’s embedded Apache Tomcat Server. So, if you want to use HTTPS, you only have to modify the configuration of the Tomcat Server (i.e. you don’t need to enable SSL for all connections). Have you seen the section called ‘Enabling HTTPS in the Embedded Apache Tomcat’ in the Installation Guide? I was able to configure my web services to use HTTPS by following the instructions in that section. Once you’ve got everything set up, you’ll be able to access your webservices via HTTPS using the port you configured in your file. This is 9443 by default. Also, I found a Knowledge Base article in the Security section called ‘Disabling the HTTP port of the embedded web container.’ You might want to check that out if you want your web services to be HTTPS only. Hope that helps!
Denodo Team
20-06-2016 18:21:36 -0400
Can you tell me what you used for a truststore location? We have a verison of denodo that uses an external installation of java. When I make a keystore with a self-signed certificate and point it to the truststore (cacerts) that denodo is currently using, I get a "There is a problem with this website’s security certificate". It says it was not issued by a trusted certificate authoriy. So here is the setup I have: 1. CACERTS file that has all the regular java stuff in it, plus 2 company .CER files that were imported into it. 2. One keystore file which contains a self-signed CER as per the documentation here. 3. I must be doing something wrong. Any suggestions?
21-06-2016 11:43:27 -0400
Sorry the above should have said "Can you tell me what you used for a KEYSTORE location". I have the truststore working.
21-06-2016 11:44:01 -0400
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