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Diagnostic and Monitoring Tool

Hello Team, We have created non admin user in VDP and we gave permission of the monitor admin over to the user(assigned ristrictions) ,once this user login into Diagnostic and Monitoring tool(DMT), he/she could see all the processed queries from other users(including admin's). Please let us know is there a way to restrict the user in such way that the user could see only his processed queries not other's.Also we want to use DMT only as it gives historical and current queries. Thankyou.

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Hi, In general, the usage of the Diagnostic and Monitoring Tool requires administrator privileges (eg. monitor_admin), as the tool is intended only for **Administrators**, to monitor the Virtual DataPort (VDP) server in real-time or to create a diagnostic to analyze the server performance. You can refer to the [**Authorization**]( section of Diagnostic and Monitoring Tool Guide for more information. Therefore, I would like to inform that [**users**]( with **monitor_admin** or **serveradmin** role, will be able to view the overall requests running in VDP server irrespective of the users executing. If I wish to filter my own queries and check its status, then I will use the [**Requests tab**]( for further assistance. For more information, have a look at the [**Default Roles**]( section of Virtual DataPort Administration Guide. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
27-01-2022 06:42:34 -0500
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