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Not able to start webcontainer

Hi Team, Whenever I start Denodo admin tool, the web service container status is OFF. Even if I try to start it manually using VQL shell , it says started successfully but it remains off. And if I check the status in VQL , it says* Web Container: stopped Status for database admin Deployed webapps:NONE Http Port:9080 Shutdown Port:9099 JMX Port:9098 JMX RMI Port:9097 Configured Http Port:9090 Configured Shutdown Port:9099 Configured JMX Port:9098 Configured JMX RMI Port:9097. Please advise.
21-06-2018 04:36:12 -0400

2 Answers

Hi, Looking at your HTTP port, it is set at 9080 while your configured HTTP port is set at 9090. I believe this is the cause of your issue. The default port as specified [here]( is 9090. I think if both ports are set to the same number, you should be fine. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
21-06-2018 12:17:01 -0400
Hi, Thanks for your answer. The problem was that the web container was not running. And the issue was in the system environment variable ‘Path’. Working fine now.
22-06-2018 04:29:43 -0400
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